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Hello. I just got my tshirts today and just wanted to say thank you! I have ...
Jesus Velasquez on 11/08/2014
Super fun!!! Showing off your newly trained skills for friends and family to see...
Iron Graham on 04/09/2015
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Training Gear

Training Gear

Heavy Duty Face Shield.  Includes polish cloth and storage sack. ..

Heavy duty mung bean bags used for conditioning the tissues, and grip training.

Knee Pads.  Adult Sized.

Matt Shoes ..
Metal Dulo - Black

Black metal dulo used in the Filipino arts for stunning nerves, and muscles.  It is a self-defense and deterent tool.

This set is for both left and right side. ..
This cloth and foam set is for the left and right legs. ..

Foam Sparring Helmet.  This helmet will support the heavy duty face shield.

Blue jump rope with flexible, softer cable.  Adjustable.

Water Mountain Gear Bag

Classic large gear bag with clockwork orange logo on a red and black bag.

Herbal patch for accelerating healing and relieving pain.