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Kung fu is an amazing way to get or stay fit, lose weight and become strong whil...
Iron Graham on 04/09/2015
An amazing program!!! Totally worth every penny! Novice's welcome! Your sword sk...
Iron Graham on 04/09/2015
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Kung Fu

Kung Fu

Elite Magnum Kung Fu -- 3 Month Training Pack

The fastest, most intense kung fu training we have.  This is elite, accelerated training to the outer fringes of human ability in kung fu.

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Trial Lesson Pack

Put our expertise at your disposal!  We will teach you 2 customized private lessons in an art of your choice, so that you can try these amazing programs out!

Normal value is between $100-$150 dollars.

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Chin Na - Rapid Joint Locking - 3 Month Training Pack

"The Thinking Man's Grappling"


Elite Magnum Kung Fu - Single Month

Single Month of Magnum Training

Recurring Private Lesson Pack

"Grow in Amazing Ways With Recurring, Private, One on One Lessons!"

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Enroll in Water Mountain

Lifetime enrollment in Water Mountain to get your starter kit and bronze or better membership status.

Events don't require enrollment.