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Elite Magnum Kung Fu -- 3 Month Training Pack

Elite Magnum Kung Fu -- 3 Month Training Pack
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"Magnum Kung Fu Arc:  Blazing Speed, Outrageous Intensity"

Dear Friend,

Out of every population, there are those with a hunger to train as fast and deeply as possible in kung fu.  Such people are rare birds, but I have found that the walls of Water Mountain draw them in abundance.

For you few, I have designed a particularly intense and fast, training program to meet your craving.

  • This is a 3 month program (Total of 12 weeks).

  • The class size is limited to 3.

  • You will be both my student, my training partner, and the partner of any other students.

  • I will teach 95% of the classes.

  • The class meets weekdays from 4-5 pm and follows a set regimen.  Monday: Classical, Tuesday: Applied Partner Work, Wednesday: Combative, Thursday: Recovery and Support Practice, Friday: Strength and Conditioning.

  • Designated arc fitness classes are included for Free with this package:

    • Wednesday, 6:00-7:00, Fu Fitness.

  • This program is designed to move you from novice to being able to successfully test for First Degree Black Belt after 4 Magnum Arcs.  The program is designed to move a First Degree to a successful test for Second Degree Black Belt in 6 Magnum Arcs.

Magnum Arc Conditions

  • In the event of a posted national holiday closure, or weather related closure, a make up day will be provided by moving the end time of the program.

  • You are responsible for your attendance at all sessions.  No other makeup times will be provided.

  • You are expected to be fully geared from the first day on and to maintain your gear in hygenic and fully functional condition.

  • In the event of a physician-certified, medical event that prevents you from training, your tuition will be prorated and the unused funds returned to you.

  • Advancement in ranking is dependent on you successfully completing standard tests and meeting all qualifying requirements.  However, because of the rapid speed that you'll gain skill, it will not be possible to test you for each rank.  Instead, a comprehensive exam at the completion of each arc will be performed when warranted.

Magnum Arc Limits

  • You need to be at a physical point where you can complete the first week of training.  The training is balanced, and is both physiologically and mentally sound.  Training is also designed so that a novice can complete the Magnum, even when partnered with more experienced and athletic people, so you need not be an athlete.  If you can finish the first week, it means that you complete the first step on a stairway.  If you can not complete the first step, it means that you need a more gradual approach than the Magnum Arc can provide.

  • You need the time and financial resources to be fully geared, eat well, and rest.  If you don't have these resources do not sign up for Magnum.  I will not be sympathetic to your condition.  This is an expedition into the inner reaches of Kung Fu.  You need to be able to carry your own weight.

  • There is no age limit.  If you can get through the first week, then so be it.



My Absolute, Very Simple Guarantee

Complete each day of the course, with full participation in the drills (not sitting in the lounge) ,  and I will courteously refund every penny of your Magnum Arc tuition, if you are dissatisfied.  You should know that I do not guarantee rank, just your satisfaction.

3 Month Paid in Full Discount

The Magnum Arc tuition is $597 per month.  A savings of $50 per month is provided for purchasing this 3 month paid in full program, for a total savings of $150!

Active Member Discount

If you are a currently enrolled, active Water Mountain member, and you don't believe you will be able to continue with your current class regimen while doing the Magnum Arc, I will provide you with a discount equal to your tuition for the three month period of Magnum.  Contact me directly to get your discount coupon,

Enroll Now Above and Get Going!



Master Mikel Steenrod

P.S.  This course is for the special few.   If you are one of those few, I encourage you to get yourself ready and committed, and leave excuses for others.

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