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The program is designed to build confidence as well as a fit body. You learn tra...
Mayleen Farrington on 24/05/2014
My son was a member 10 years ago and is always talking about his time there. Th...
Joe P. on 11/08/2014
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3 Month Specialist Packs

3 Month Specialist Packs

Rare Martial Arts and Healing Skills

"Do You Have an Appetite for Rare Knowledge?"

You're in luck!  We specialize in the delivery of unusual skills to unique individuals.

While all of Water Mountain's training services are available in private sessions, we offer a few of the unusal ones below as 3 Month Specialist Training Packs.

Specialist Packs provide you with training opportunities that are normally available in expertly rendered private lessons, but at a tremendous discount from private sessions.  Packs are a minimum of 47% off the equivalent privates.

Packs are taught in small groups.

Beginning Kung Fu For Women - 3 Month Training Pack

Women's Only Beginner Kung Fu program taught by Water Mountain's highly capable Sifu, Mayleen Farrington.

Based on 1 reviews.
Broadsword - 3 Month Training Pack

Long Jian (i.e. Dragon Sword) 3 Month Training Package. This is sword taught as if you are becoming a professional swordsman.

Based on 1 reviews.
Elite Magnum Kung Fu -- 3 Month Training Pack

The fastest, most intense kung fu training we have.  This is elite, accelerated training to the outer fringes of human ability in kung fu.

Based on 1 reviews.
Filipino Stick and Knife 3 Month Training Pack

Thursday 5:30-6:30 PM.  This program is located at the current weapons' training center.

Chin Na - Rapid Joint Locking - 3 Month Training Pack

"The Thinking Man's Grappling"


Elite Magnum Kung Fu - Single Month

Single Month of Magnum Training

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